Features To Look For When Buying Dental Air Compressor- Valuable Information

By Marko Jankovic | Last Updated: December 15, 2020

Dental Air Compressor

Dental air compressors are a must-have in every dental facility especially when you factor in their importance. However, one should simply not go for any air compressor available in the market but rather choose one that best suits their individual needs.

Remember that your dental practice is all about the image and quality of services provided. This said you should ensure that you do not comprise the quality or image when it comes to acquiring a new dental air compressor. Below are the vital factors that you must consider when shopping for a dental air compressor.

1. Air quality

The most important consideration when it comes to dental air compressors is the quality of air the machine produces. The air quality will dictate how safe the machine will be to the client. In simple terms, the higher the quality of air produced by the dental air compressor, the safer the machine will be to your clients.

Poor air quality usually acts as a conducive environment for bacteria and pathogen breeding, thereby posing danger to your patients. Since the image of your dental facility is important and you do not want to encounter lawsuits from your patients, you will have to take the air quality pretty seriously. Poor air quality from a dental air compressor will also result in damages in other equipment which will bring huge losses to your facility.

Now, a good air quality dental air compressor will keep your practice running will protecting you from litigation issues which arrive when a client is infected in your facility.

2. Power rating

Another vital feature that you must consider is the power rating. Usually, a higher power rating indicates the stronger the air compressor pump is. This simply means that an air compressor with a high power-rating will supply more tools and, therefore, be more effective for your dental facility.

You need to understand that a high power-rating will dictate more electricity consumption which means a higher bill. However, if your dental facility is huge and serves a lot of clients, then this should not be an issue.

When your dental facility is small, on the other hand, you may not have too many tools that need the air compressor. In this situation, it is advisable to go for an air compressor tool with a low power rating to save on the electricity bill.

3. Lubrication medium

Non-oil lubricated air compressors tend to be light and therefore more effective in an office setting since they can be easily moved. However, when it comes to choosing a dental air compressor it is advisable to go for the oil-lubricated models. This is usually because the oil-lubricated air compressors tend to produce less noise when compared to the counterparts.

The oil-lubricated air compressors are also considered to be safer around staff and clients since there is a lower risk of contamination when compared to the non-oil lubricated models. Client safety is very important when it comes to your dental facility, always ensure you purchase an oil-lubricated air compressor.

4. Pressure

The amount of pressure that an air compressor can produce is an important consideration when buying a dentist air compressor. You should ensure that you buy an air compressor with a higher pressure rating than what you require in your workplace. This is to ensure that you can comfortably accommodate the pressure losses when you decide to use multiple tools.

The pressure consideration must be consistent with the pressure requirement needed for the different tools that you intend to use with the air compressor. When you use too much pressure for a particular tool, you might just end up injuring the client which is not good for business. Always ensure you use the necessary amount of pressure required for a particular tool each time you are using the air compressor.

 The air compressor will have a pressure gauge that will help you determine the amount of pressure being produced. Adjust the pressure accordingly for effective work to avoid problems such as longer work periods and higher anesthesia uses.

5. Manufacturing company

One of the vital considerations that most people always assume when buying a dental air compressor is the manufacturing company. Remember that your dental facility is a business and you need to always use quality products from well-recognized suppliers and installers.

The importance of this consideration is to ensure you get long periods of effective service from your air compressor. Dental air compressors are not cheap and you need to get effective services from the machine for as long as possible with minimum difficulties and break-downs.

 The second benefit is that with a well-recognized manufacturing company you will get certain perks like long-term warranties and services from qualified professionals. Indeed, well-recognized companies usually sell their products at a relatively higher price but you should remember that this also guarantees that you are buying top-quality products. Remember that your dental facility is all about image and quality.

6. Size

Your dental facility is a business and you should, therefore, have a growth prospect. Before you buy an air compressor, it is important to do a prospective study on whether the practice is likely to grow. Most of the time you will find that your growth projection is inevitable and you will need to expand the business soon.

If this is the case, then you should not compromise on the size of your airbrush  compressor. You must buy a big enough dental air compressor that will keep up with the business growth. Buying a new air compressor every couple of years is simply not cost-effective. In my opinion, I will always advise on buying a good quality big-sized dental air compressor simply because the practice is bound to grow over time.


There are a lot of different factors that one needs to consider when buying an air compressor for a dental practice. Highlighted above, however, are the top six considerations that you should be aware of. Ensure that you conduct extensive research before you decide which air compressor best suits your dental practice.

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