Six air compressor uses you probably did not know-Please Read

By Marko Jankovic | Last Updated: January, 2021

Six air compressor uses you probably did not know

You have probably heard from different places that air compressors are a must-have investment in every home. Now, if you have done extensive research on air compressors then you probably know that they are relatively pricey. What you do not know is that with a little creativity you can use an air compressor daily for various functions.

This article will help you understand some of the air compressors uses that you probably did not know anything about. If you already have an air compressor, then let us help you turn it into an everyday tool. If you were thinking about buying an air compressor then you will learn some important home uses that will help you in the investment decision.

1. Quick dry

When in the public restroom, you have probably encountered the fast hand dryers that work in a matter of seconds. They simply work by pushing air quickly to dry up your hand in a snap. This invention ensures that you can leave public restrooms with clean and dry hands for more hygienic living. You can, believe it or not, similarly use your air compressor at home.

All you need to add is a basic trigger attachment which helps with safety and is not that complicated to install. When drying delicate things quickly, ensure that you place them at a distance thus ensuring there are no damages. This is quite a cool way to use an air compressor and you can try it out at home almost immediately. Quick-drying your hands when leaving the bathroom will reduce the chances of bacterial infection in your home and help improve the overall living conditions.

2. Quick cleanup

Once you add a trigger attachment to your air compressor, you can use it as a powerful leaf blower. The advantage is that it will be smaller in size and yet considerably more powerful than the leaf blower. With this improvised tool, you will find it easier to clean your window sill and workbench. In case you are a handy individual, you could always use this improvised tool to clean up metal shavings and other material.

You need to ensure that use protective clothing such as goggles and dust masks when using the air compressor as a quick clean up tool. As mentioned earlier, the improvised air compressor tool will be more powerful than your normal leaf blower. Particles could, therefore easily get blown to your nose and eyes during the quick clean up.

3. Pushing paint

Using properly placed tape and a cutout, you could use your air compressor to blow paint into different designs. Because compressed air is pushing the paint rather than a brush, you will have a good quality finish once it dries. When you want to create an impression, an air compressor for paint job might be just what you are looking for.  You should, however, avoid getting too close to whatever you’re painting to avoid any damages.

Also, this process can be rather demanding and you will need to do a lot of practice before you start doing the actual job. Look for a piece of cardboard and practice first before you start pushing paint with your air compressor. If you love painting, then you can get to use your air compressor daily.

4. Artificial blizzard

Using a specialized presentation, or simply rigging your air compressor with a hose can help you create a special blizzard. The right attachment will help you blow glitter or even artificial snow into the air should you require any special effects. Renting a specially designed machine to create artificial blizzard usually costs a lot of money and you might not be able to afford it.

Your air compressor will help you reduce these costs greatly. Granted, you will not need to create an artificial blizzard all the time but think of the holidays and special moments that you might want to create with your loved ones and people around you. You should, however, keep the air compressor away from your eyes and children once you have added the attachment to create an artificial blizzard.

5. Inflatables

With one simple attachment, you could use an air compressor to inflate balls, bike tires, and even mattresses in quite a hurry. All you need to do is pay close attention to avoid over-inflating which could lead to damages. The best part about air compressors is that they include a pressure gauge will help you closely monitor the amount of pressure.

Also, ensure you use goggles so that you do not blow up anything into your eyes. When it comes to air compressors, you should always have in mind that they are a very powerful tool. Always use them cautiously because they produce a lot of air. This is especially true when you use the air compressor for painting house inflating bike tires and balls. Do not let children anywhere near the improvised machine because it could lead to a lot of damages and accidents.

6. Cleaning electronics

All you need to do is simply attach a basic trigger, and you could use your air compressor for electronic cleaning. Use short distant strokes to dust off filters and clean laptop keyboards. Dust in the keyboard usually slows down the general performance of your keyboard and sometimes they make the keys stick. This improvised air compressor tool can also be used to dust off screens and televisions in your home.

Now, with this use, you can get to have clean dust-free electronics that will last quite a long period. Ensure you do not, however, over-do the cleaning procedure or you could end up damaging your electronics. Remember that consistent compressed air is not ideal when it comes to electronics and it can lead to damages.


The air compressor has several functions that you could always explore at home. You must practice safety at all times when trying out new applications of this powerful device. Air compressors are simply a must-have tool for all modern-day households.

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