Common Mistakes When Using Air Compressors that You Should Avoid This.

By Marko Jankovic | Last Updated: January, 2021

Common mistakes when using air compressors that you should avoid

I consider air compressors to be simply a must-have tool considering how they make life easier. When work is time-consuming or tedious, air compressors ensure the work is made simple and projects get completed fairly quickly. Now, air compressors are not cheap and you need to properly take care of it ensuring it always provides the best performance for a long period.

To pick the right airbrush compressor that suits your needs, you will have to do extensive research and look at several customer reviews. Once you acquire an airbrush compressor, you must familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to airbrush compressors. This informative article will help you understand these mistakes and how to troubleshoot them.

Common mistakes when using air compressors -In Depth News 

When the air compressor does not start

Some of the time, your home air compressor will simply refuse to start and this does not mean that you should call for an expert immediately. For your airbrush compressor to start, the air pressure needs to be low enough to start the engine. If the air pressure has a tank, then there should be a pressure gauge to indicate the amount of available pressure.

When the pressure reading is higher than the amount required for the job at hand, then you need to pull out the stop valve to release a little bit of pressure. After doing this rather simple procedure, you could go ahead and start your best air compressor with a lot of ease. Do not, therefore, be in a rush to call for a technician when your air compressor does not start but rather follow the procedure above.

Never store the air compressor in places with low temperatures

Oil-lubricated compressors are the most affected by low temperatures during winter. If you store the airbrush compressor in areas with low temperatures, then the oil will thicken ad sometime it might even solidify. Your engine will therefore not be able to juice up and start. This is quite a common mistake that is very simple to avoid and all you need to do is store your airbrush compressor in a warm place. Should the air compressor, however, get too cold for one reason or the other, then you simply need to move it to a heated area. Leave the air compressor in the heated area for around one or two hours and you should use t without encountering any problems.

Air leakage issues

One common issue with air compressors is the air not reaching your airbrush and this can be rather frustrating. This is usually caused by leaks that sip out air thereby no air reaches the airbrush. Once you experience this common problem, you need to first detach the hose from your airbrush compressor.

When doing this procedure, leave the air compressor on. Next, you need to slowly and carefully apply soapy water to the connections and seals. You will immediately see bubbles in places with leaks. The bubbles are an indication of air leakages and you should proceed to secure these areas properly. Most of the time, the air leakages are caused by damage components or broken pipes which are easy to deal with and will not take a lot of time.

 All you need to do is but the new parts and simply replace within a matter of minutes. The new components and pipes are relatively cheap especially when you consider the price of your airbrush compressor. If the above procedure sounds too technical and you are not able to effectively perform it, then you should consider hiring an expert. Qualified personnel will charge you service fees and you could always closely observe and then get it right the next time your air compressor has issues.

Humming sounds emitted by your air compressor

Usually, all air compressors start with a motor kick sound but sometimes you might hear a humming sound. When you hear a loud humming sound, the problem is usually with the unloader valve. This problem sounds very technical when it is quite simple to deal with. The unloader valve simply needs to be replaced since it is letting in additional loads of air that is not required. Once you replace the unloader valve, ensure you empty the tank before restarting your air compressor. The humming sound will be gone once you follow the above procedure keenly.

The air compressor stops frequently

Some users have found it very irritating when the air compressor slows down or simply stops during work. This common problem is usually caused by the power supply which may not be providing the required voltage to your dental air compressor. To solve this issue you could always connect your air compressor to a different outlet or simply connect it directly. Once you do this, the air compressor will not slow down during work and you can complete your projects in good time.

If, however, there are no problems with your electrical outlets, then the problem is with the lubricant coating or oil level. The oil you use must be free from debris and clean. The oil should also not have any amber in color. When dealing with oil problems, you will have to call an expert who understands the machine. It is quite difficult to deal with the lubricant coating problem by yourself since it requires a lot of expertise.


As stated earlier, air compressors help use get work done faster and easier. It is, therefore our responsibility to keep it in good condition. Maintain ace is important and you should do it at least a couple of times every year to ensure the air compressor is in mint condition. You may not always have the knowledge to fix all the different problems that may arise and seeking professional help is important so that you do not damage the air compressors. The dental Air compressors are pretty important and you should take proper care of this equipment. When buying a new one ensure you do a little bit of research to find the best one for your needs.

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